From a 1 day private event to a multiple day international show, we can provide everything you’ll need to impress your staff and clients with our ultra-realistic racing simulators.

Corporate Events, Team Building, Driver Training, Trade Shows and more

Although capable of giving the most experienced drivers the white-knuckle ride of a lifetime, the state of the art technology behind these simulators makes them infinitely adaptable so that even novice drivers can enjoy them – indeed, with their telemetry output facility they are used for training of new and professional drivers alike.

A truly memorable marketing tool

We can also stamp your brand and marketing message indelibly on the memories of everyone taking part by applying them to the F1 Rig itself as well as making it a prominent part of the associated backdrops. More memorable and impressive still, we can customise the racing car in the simulation to feature your logo too for a truly immersive marketing adventure!

High End Technology; Uncompromised Exhilaration

All of our simulators are based on state of the art simulation technology, thereby guaranteeing an unprecedented sense of total immersion.

Additional Cost Options

We can provide fastest lap time competitions including prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places
Brand awareness with personalised logos on the actual simulator
Brand awareness with personalised logos on the car / track (in-game)
A separate TV displaying ‘TV Style’ camera views for the watching public is available
International events may give rise to additional costs – please contact us to discuss bespoke rates for your specific requirements

Can I create my own package?

Certainly. The above packages are just a few examples of what we can offer. Because all of our packages are completely customizable and we always do our very best to meet any special requirements you might have. What’s more, the amazing flexibility of the platforms provided by our two main software partners – iRacing and rFactor – enables us to create your dream combination of cars and track!

Can we time laps?

Of course! After all, we all want to see who’s the fastest! And to have the bragging rights! We can supply a photo-style lap-time board (we take a cheesy racing driver polaroid picture and add each person’s lap time!), with prizes for the top three drivers donated by various local companies.

Do I need a lot of space?

Not very much! Each simulator requires around 2m x 2m (or 3m x 3m if you choose the triple projector and curved screen option). We will also need a few power sockets and double door access.

How long does it take to set up?

We usually need between one and two hours to set everything up and run a test session before the racing begins in earnest.