Start your engines! Radical Simulation literally puts you, your employees, colleagues and clients in the driving seat for the most exhilarating and enjoyable car racing simulation you’ll ever experience.

Racing Types
Accurate Racing Circuits
Simulated Cars

Corporate and Hospitality Events

We specialise in creating a totally unique and unforgettable experience for your company and more importantly, your clients. We can brand the F1 simulator in your companies logos and colours, and also any back drops. If you want to take things the extra mile, we can also brand the in-game car and track with your logo too!

Trade Shows

With numerous different trade shows taking place globally all year round, we can cater to your needs to help you with the most important aspect of a trade show… increase footfall! Keeping any potential clients around your stand will undoubtably be helped by offering them one of the most realistic virtual driving experience!

Team Building Exercises

Radical Simulation can host your very own ‘Top Gear’ style fastest lap time competition, or we can connect multiple rigs together so your work colleagues are battling out on the race track all at the same time! We can also arrange trophies and prizes for the fastest drivers.

Product Launches

We understand that promoting your product to attract maximum attention is vital to your company, and we believe that any potential customers will truly remember your event and product after turning in a few laps in our F1 or GT simulator.

Driver Training

We can also accommodate for real-life driver training in a wide range of virtual motor vehicles, from modern Formula, GT, Touring and Rally cars to various historic and classic incarnations. We can set-up live telemetry output using industry standard software to help you get the very most out of your personal and car’s performance.


As in the Team Building Exercises, we can arrange and host fastest lap and head to head competitions at any event. We have great relationships with various nationwide companies who offer to donate prizes for our competitions, however, we also like to use local businesses to your event with the sponsoring of prizes.

These are just a few examples of how and where we can help promote your business, please feel free to contact us with any specific needs.



High End Technology; Uncompromised Exhilaration

All of our simulators are based on state of the art simulation technology, guaranteeing an unprecedented sense of total immersion.

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